Fighting To Keep My Underwear On

Clay Powers is a 40-year old with a big problem: he’s still a virgin.
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Book Description:


Clay Powers is a 40-year old with a big problem: he’s still a virgin. He just knows that Miss Right & Perfect is somewhere out there with her gorgeous, brainy self, waiting for him to knock on her door and sweep her off her feet into a life of married bliss and—yes!!!—lots and lots of sex.

Clay is determined to keep his underwear on until his true love appears, but a series of comely and not-so-comely ladies, not to mention a dude or two, have other plans for his private parts…

Riotously funny and painful, familiar and shocking, offensive and heart-breaking, this honest and raw novel follows the misadventures of a single guy who just tries to do the right thing—but keeps falling flat on his face.

Having read the novel's summary, I wondered how many ways can things really go wrong for a guy? What I didn't expect was the many 'misadventures' were similar to experiences I also had. This novel was an enjoyable and easy read, with many funny moments that had me laughing. The story was so captivating that when started, I didn't feel to stop. Good work!

-- Jarro

Vaughn T Stanford (Author)

Vaughn T. Stanford is a native of Trinidad & Tobago where he teaches high school Math. He has written and produced several plays and short films. Under his supervision, his students won the Tambi trophy for their short film, Lianna’s Story – a look into the life of a teenager hooked on drugs. With the assistance of the Canadian International Development Agency, Vaughn wrote and produced a series of public service announcements on HIV/AIDS which ran for several months on national television.

Clay Powers is a 40-year old with a big problem: he’s still a virgin.

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