Find Your Purpose Design Your Life by James Walker

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Book Description:

The Book is a combination Guide and workbook that can be completed in 12 hrs once a year it gives you a concrete way to find what your purpose is to-day. It leads you through the very practical and easy to follow steps. It helps you make the choices you need to make to succeed at what ever your definition of success is.Tried and tested for 30 years. The secret that is so simple it is commonly forgot by the gurus of our it is always mentioned but never explained?

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About the Author

James Walker has been motivating people to set goals for themselves for the last 31 years. He’s a firm believer that goals help his clients achieve their deepest desires. “Find Your Purpose, Design your Life” ebook and packages are a result of his beliefs and his 31 years as a motivational coach and speaker. Hundreds of people have used his methods and techniques outlined in this book to achieve their dreams. He even used the methods in the book to achieve his owns dreams, including living in an exotic locale. He currently resides in Tobago.

Before leaping into motivational goal setting, coaching and public speaking, Walker spent 30 years as a highly successful sales consultant, working for Metropolitan Life, Kellogg-Salad and Yamaha Electronics in Canada.

“I was very fortunate that one of the key benefits of working with Met Life was the heavy emphasis the company placed on personal planning skills. I decided to embrace this training and incorporate it into my life with very positive results. I have been constantly refining this program over the past 30+ years of my life with the final outcome being Find Your Purpose, Design Your Life.

I’m thankful for everyone – friends, family and business associates – who have participated in the program, helping me to refine, tweak and adapt all the material that I’ve put together for you. I’ve witnesses the success of the program in the lives of those around me and love the satisfaction that comes from realizing my dream of helping others find their purpose and design their life!

Walker runs the web site Fulfilling Life dedicated to helping individuals achieve their dreams and Retire Heavenly Tobago that helps people get the information they needed to live or retire to Tobago.

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