Finding Her Peace

Two main characters are perfect ... and the fact they are older means life has not been perfect ...loved description of settings ... everything seems to fit so well ... cant wait to read Maggie's story!
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Book Description:

Kate had come far … from stilettos to elastic-sided boots, from the chic of the inner city to the harsh climate of the rugged southern tablelands. She’d left behind disrespect, disloyalty, and dreams of what never could be. She left with snail-trail scars well hidden. And she left with her dignity. The Fates brought her an odd collection of mentors and guides to walk with her. Synchronicity opened a path and she dared to take it. Kate travelled far to find her peace … emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She found inner peace … inner peace that holds true for each of us simply waiting for the moment when we decide to release the past, be all that we choose to be … and dare to know all that we are. And she found love.
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Kerry Nelson Selman (Author)
Kerry Nelson Selman is a healer, teacher, and the author of books that uplift the Spirit … and books of positive fiction, with more than a hint of romance. She encourages and empowers us to embrace self-responsibility and release entrenched negativity that only serves to limit us being all that we choose to be. Kerry inspires us to dare to be however we choose to be … and then be all that we choose to be. An accredited practitioner of natural and energy medicine, Kerry includes naturopathy, herbal and nutritional medicine, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and energy medicine as part of her wellness practice … she is a healer, facilitator of wellness and well-being, and energy alchemist. She is also the inspired creator and Teacher Practitioner of Vibrational Oneness and a Reiki Master/Teacher. Kerry is passionate about facilitating wellness and well-being in all who come to her … whether as a writer, healer, or teacher. She brings together all of her knowledge and passions in her writing. Kerry writes inspired and uplifting books of self-mastery and self-realization. She generously shares her knowledge and passions, and often includes snippets of her own transitions with humor and truth. Her books of positive fiction often hold more than a hint of romance. She writes to inspire, empower, and sometimes challenge each of us to be all that we choose to be. There is no greater joy for Kerry than to uplift, facilitate relief, or inspire change in another. She writes from the heart. Awareness of the choices we make in our daily lives will always facilitate a better feeling path … physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We take responsibility for our own health and happiness, and free all others of the burden of providing it for us … such a gift we can give to another. The choices we make will always shine from us, be reflected in the world around us, and add to the delicious texture of life. Kerry is aware of the strength that comes from a life rich in experience. Indeed, she is grateful for all she has lived. She appreciates the conscious awareness that she now has of the love, compassion, and strength that flow constantly and consistently to her, through her, and from her … and for each of us.
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