Finding Her Truth

Most enjoyable read. A writer who understands her characters and loves them. RWAustralia Single Title & Loving It! judge

Polly had risen to the challenge issued by her oldest and dearest … and she left with attitude. She now found herself driving south to Kate’s cottage in the southern tablelands. Polly liked to think she had it all worked out, but gin-soaked words from a girls-night-in had tweaked an ignored truth that sat deep inside … alongside her niggling integrity. Polly decided to rise to the challenge.Little did she know that along with her integrity she would find deep emotional strength that had laid dormant for a lifetime … strength to release the past and dare to be all that she now chose to be. Little did she know that when she found her Truth she would find love. She found her own true north deep within … and she found love previously unimagined.

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