Finding Kate

by – DaKiara (Author)

Kate Roberts is the envy of most women. 

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Book Description:

Kate Roberts is the envy of most women. She is bright, rich, successful. She has it all. Kate closes deals like her male counterparts, but with less effort. Kate started her company from the ground up and has taken the business world by storm. What happens when secrets come back to haunt Kate? It starts with a voice on the phone. Will her world crumble? How will this web of deceit and lies play out?

About the Author: DaKiara

DaKiara was born in Richmond, Virginia, but grew up in rural North Carolina. She was raised by her mom, Dorothy Merriman McNeill, along with other influences from the church community. DaKiara is the youngest of three children and the only girl. She has two older brothers Lee and Lamont Thompson, and through marriage one younger brother Ernest, and sisters Chaunnie, Kim, Cierra. She has been blessed to be married to her husband Kenny for 21 plus years and together they have 5 children. DaKiara’s writing journey began years ago when she was a child herself. She used it to escape the world, and she used it as a voice for others. It sparked her passion for writing even more from participating in oratorical competitions in church conventions, which her God Mother encouraged her to do. When she and her husband lost 2 of their children at early ages, it was hard for DaKiara to deal with the pain so she went back to what she knew and that was writing to ease her pain. Writing, she realized, was her therapy and she realized it could benefit others too. Far too often, people think they are okay and they don’t need to talk about their pain. She let everyone know they aren’t alone. As a tribute to her children, her pen name is a combination of her two Angels.

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