51nF9y8jEWL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Justina, an aimless law student, returns to the family home in Long Beach, New York, shortly before Hurricane Sandy is going to hit. Her father, a powerful Latino politician, is nowhere to be found, but he has sent Daniel, a local college drop-out from a poor neighborhood, to secure the family home. Daniel, who has been surviving by working as a delivery boy and doing odd-jobs, is struggling with guilt and grief over the recent death of his mother, and is drifting through life as well.

When the hurricane hits, Justina and Daniel are trapped together to ride out the storm and the devastating aftermath. As they join the community to help rebuild their neighborhoods, they learn that the storm is not the only challenge in their lives as their very different worlds collide.

Finding Maslow is full of diverse characters-a proud and overprotective single father, a smooth operator who tries to “win” Justina’s heart, a neighborhood character struggling to survive in her storm-ravaged home, and a plucky ex-girlfriend who is not quite what she seems.

The story will take you on a journey from a poor hospital in disaster mode to glittering Manhattan, from Long Beach, New York to earthquake-ravaged Mexico City, as the characters strive to find hope, meaning, and love in the midst of tragedy.

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“A great fictional novel about Hurricane Sandy”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Svendibar

I received my copy of “Finding Maslow” from Amazon amazingly fast. This is a fictional novel on events surrounding Hurricane Sandy. It looks so good and I can’t wait to read it this weekend.

About the Author

I am a recovering attorney, who works as a healthcare consultant as my ‘day job’.

My first novel, “Finding Maslow”, was inspired by the time I spent working in my consultant role at a hospital in New York. That job was completed mere days before Hurricane Sandy hit the very area where I lived and worked, Long Beach and Far Rockaway, New York. I was horrified to see the places I had grown to love go underwater, and the destruction that followed broke my heart.

The hospital where I worked was kept open, and ended up being a shelter to many in the community, as well as staff, who had no power and nowhere else to go.

I wrote the book to tell the story of those places and events, but also to hopefully tell a story of people who have been through terrible events in their lives and come out of it stronger and with a greater purpose. The book is intended to be a story of community, diversity, and the power of the human spirit.

My next book is already in progress, and will continue telling the story of some of the characters in “Finding Maslow”, who have their own tales of challenges and triumphs.

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