Finding Pegasus (Eddie Grant series Book 3)

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Book Description:

A bomb shatters the midnight silence
, giving Mark and Kate only seconds to escape before their sailboat turns into a flaming hell. Meanwhile, a wrecking crew batters down the wall of their shop to steal a crucial tool the CIA needs to prevent a neo-Nazi takeover in Eastern Europe.

It should have been a perfect crime – witnesses dead, evidence spirited away, police unresponsive. But Eddie Grant helps Mark McGinley and Kate Hall follow the clues from Biscayne Bay to Paris, then on to the mountains of Hungary. There, the caves hide explosive secrets and the group must confront a new generation of storm troopers, this time supported by the Russian bear. The second escape is as close as the first.

Finding Pegasus is the story of an international criminal network marching in lockstep with the neo-Nazi autocrats of Eastern Europe; a paranoid, egocentric American Navy admiral; an old and bitter Silicon Valley billionaire; and a retired Hungarian spy who moved to Paris because the food was better.

“A sophisticated tale of international intrigue and contemporary politics, super-charged on espresso.” (Scott Neeley)

Finding Pegasus, third in the Eddie Grant novel series. The audio book, performed by the talented Adam Barr, is also available. Review copies are available. For information, go to
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Paris, international-crime-and-mystery, Europe, Florida, spies, governments, thriller A murder in Paris, attempted murder and theft of classified prototypes in Florida, a crazed USN admiral who wants to rule his own country and the former naval officer ex wife who now has a doctorate in engineering and helped develop those prototypes. It might be easier to have read the prior books, but I can't testify to that as I read them two years ago and didn't binge read them before sticking my nose in this one. It certainly is a thrill ride with twists, surprises, and fascinating characters. The publisher's blurb is somewhat informative but the writing is so much better than that. It kept me reading into the night!

-- Jan

John Pearce (Author)

I’ve been a serious fan of Paris since the seventies, when my new wife Jan, already a frequent visitor, guided me on my first tour. In the decades since, we’ve lived in Germany and visited Paris many times, to the point that I feel as much at home there as I do in Sarasota, where we live for most of the year. But we still spend part of the year in our favorite place, the fourteenth arrondissement of Paris, the Montparnasse area where Hemingway and the other expat writers lived and wrote. When we left Frankfurt in the mid-70s we spent a couple of months touring Italy and Greece before we returned to Washington. We spent hours probing the relics of classical civilization and enjoying the good food, and in my spare time I tried to starting writing a Cold War spy novel. I was going to be the next Le Carré. That didn’t work out so well — I found the notebook, containing several pages of a mangled opening chapter, on a closet shelf last year. I got around to that first novel in 2012, after months of pondering a very different plot, one based on the knowledge of Paris I’d accumulated over dozens of visits. “Treasure of Saint-Lazare” came out at the end of the year, followed by “Last Stop: Paris” in 2015. The third, “Finding Pegasus,” is a 2018 project. I think I’m learning how to do it and can push up the pace a bit, so I hope to have a fourth one out in less than a year, and there’s a list of plots waiting for later. The good people at Readers’ Favorite, the big review website, chose Treasure as its highest-ranked historical mystery of 2014. Shelf Unbound Magazine picked Last Stop as one of the ten best indie books of 2015, for which I thank both of them. The books call on the wordsmithing skills I learned as an Associated Press reporter in Washington and as editor of an English-language business magazine in Germany. Jan, a former Washington Post reporter, edited her own magazine, and together we wrote special financial sections for the International Herald Tribune (now the International New York Times). I left journalism when we came back from Germany and went into the securities industry, then we moved to Sarasota and bought a business. When we sold that I was able to turn my attention fully to learning how to be a novelist. You can follow my blog at and my books at I invite you to join my mailing list, which I call the Eddie Grant Readers Group after the protagonist of my first two novels. You can subscribe on either of my sites and, of course, unsubscribe any time. I hope you enjoy my books. John Pearce Sarasota, May 2018


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