Finding Sarah: 35 years after her disappearance… the search begins…
Jack Mason is in a care home, suffering from dementia. His apparent nonsensical ramblings stir the interest of his grandson, Matt, to solve a family mystery. Jack’s wife, Sarah, vanished 35 years earlier and was never found.
Matt sets out on a quest to find out the fate of his grandmother with the help of Nikki, the granddaughter of Sarah’s close friend.
Was she abducted at random or by someone known to her?
Finding Sarah takes Matt and Nikki on an unexpected journey to uncover the truth.
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About the Author

Paul is married with children and lives in a small town 30 miles north of London. He has worked as a researcher, lecturer and manager at a number of universities; a director of a technical publishing company; and run his own business. He takes a keen interest in education and serves as a non-executive director on a trust for local schools.
Finding Sarah is his first published novel and was inspired by real events and participation in creative writing courses and workshops.

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