By 1837 times are changing in the North Texas Wilderness along the Red River. As more and more settlers come to occupy the land, conditions with the Indian tribes changes from an uneasy peace to hostility. Believing attacks will drive the newcomers from their hunting grounds, the Indians form raiding parties and begin to burn homesteads, killing men, women, and children, and stealing their horses. But, that’s not the only thing being stolen. Jamison Waverly has once again appeared to steal away Abigail and the happiness that she and Dylan have so recently achieved. When the Volunteer Rangers at Fort Warren are expanded, Dylan Ryan is one of the first to enlist. The frontier needs more organized law enforcement and the killing from Indian raids needs to be stopped. He believes serving as a Ranger is the best choice he can make to search for Abigail and insure her safety and the safety of their unborn child.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Donald Yates

Fire on the Prairie was a super read. The transition to this second book about Fannin Co. was seemless. Besides being very easy to follow the plot as it developed , the author, did a tremendous job of making each new character become real. My sympathies were swayed constantly as each new person entered the scene. I was impressed by the historical facts and details of Fanin county just after Texas independence. The author contrasted good and evil, with all of the struggles faced in early Texas history. ! was moved many times as good overcame evil and faith, hope, and love prevailed. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. There are many questions left unfinished with these characters. and I can’t wait to follow their adventures.

About the Author

G.H. Lambert is a sixth generation Texan whose ancestors first settled when Texas was under Mexican rule. Needless to say, many stories of life in the early days of Texas have been handed down through the generations. Now retired, G.H. Lambert travels the back roads, researching old traces where wagons once rolled, finding the exact locations of original settlements and stockades where people banded together for protection against attacks by hostiles. Once found, these places are documented and photographed to be used as backdrops for future books.
After a varied career, and years of managing a family-owned business, G.H. Lambert now enjoys retirement, which affords the author with time to pursue a life-long dream of writing fiction.

Cover art for G.H. Lambert books are photos taken by the author.

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