The First Day (The Day Book 1) by John Duprey

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Book Description

61-Fa9Ax0PL._UX250_Ever feel like you have nowhere else to turn? Feel like no one is there for you? Feel alone? Is that dark tunnel consuming you? So does Kyle. On the outside, 16-year-old Kyle Jenson is just quiet, but there is something that no one knows about him. Kyle is severely depressed, and continues to spiral out of control. A life where he is terribly bullied because he is gay and a broken family doesn’t help his day-to-day struggles. He thinks getting a job will help him in his fight against depression, but a life-changing event will change his mind. Kyle is pushed over the edge just too many times and his decision is final. Even though he knows that there is no backing out, Kyle has to come clean with his problems, and try to hide his secrets from his family. Follow Kyle’s story and his emotional-roller-coaster-of-a-life through The First Day.

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“Worth it!!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Melissa C.

This book is amazing! I’m not one to sit and read a book all the way through but I could NOT put this book down. It is very grabbing and you can tell the author has put his talents of the mind into it. A must read for anyone who has struggled with personal issues and felt there wasn’t any other way or that they were alone in all of their troubles. Seriously worth it!

About the Author

John Duprey was born in 1996 in Burlington, Vermont. He currently resides in Randolph, Vermont. He published his first book, The First Day in early 2016.