51cGu+CEIKL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_How would you feel if you saw a pregnant man – stubble, hairy hands and everything?
Disgusted? Curious? Afraid? Because it isn’t the natural way of things. It blurs the line between men and women. It could mean the end of humanity as we know it.

Actually, though – isn’t that a good thing? Equality of the sexes in its truest sense? It means couples like Paul and Francis, very much in love, can have a family of their own – flesh of their flesh, bone of their bones. How would religious groups feel about that? How would society react?

I will take you on a journey, into the near future – a future in which one man, Paul Tully, is the first man in the world to become pregnant and bear a son. You’ll see, hear and feel his thoughts and experiences – his pain, joy and heartbreak. You’ll shudder at the violent opposition, rejoice when things go well…and most of all, you’ll understand what it’s like to be truly in love, whatever sex you might be.

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“Believable mpreg”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Europa

All the mpreg books I read so far were silly, laughable. They were more or less excuses for gay porn with mpreg thrown in to tempt the readers. Not that I didn’t know beforehand based on their covers, authors, and lengths. But I read them anyway since they were free and hoped that I might eventually find a decent read. So, when I saw the cover of a cute child instead of half naked men, read the synopsis and noticed the length of this book, my interest perked.

True to the synopsis, the author took the time to create a future where men could get pregnant and the world reactions toward this scenario. The description of the pregnancy process was convincible. I’m no biologist but the science behind it was believable. The heart of the story was the longing that Paul had for a biological child and reactions after the child was born. The secrecy, the press, the paparazzi and their family life afterward were very well written. I could very well imagine the same bigotry, discrimination as well as supports they would have received in real life. It paralleled the gay marriage struggle for acceptance from some segments of society that deemed it unnatural. The writing was mature, the supporting characters had depth with the exception of Kosygin, I wished a little more was written about him since he was a pretty important character.

So, why a four-star rating? Up until 90%+ of the book, it was a solid 5-star book for me, but then came the ending …… jeez, what was that all about? I couldn’t believe the author picked that ending, it seemed out of place, not in sync with the theme of the book. I don’t mind endings like that because I have liked such endings in past reads, but they have to make sense, this ending was too sensationalized for me.
Despite the ending, it is still a good read for those looking a book on the subject of male pregnancy that is more than just a disguise for porn.

About the Author

I’ve always enjoyed science-fiction, so naturally, that’s what I like to write. But I like a laugh as well, so some of my novels are humorous – and some are a mixture of both. I’ve also written a book based in Sicily (my family background).

How long does it take to write a novel? For me, about nine months. Don’t know if that’s significant or not! I’ve been writing for about 20 years, so have quite a few manuscripts notched up, not to mention eighty or so stories, hundreds of poems, half a dozen plays and a few articles.

What can I say? I just love writing.

If you’ve read any of my novels, please do write a review – even if it’s only one sentence. Thank you so much.

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  1. Very intrigued by this story so downloaded a copy. Loved the review I read, just a bit wary about the ending. Still it’s on my kindle now in my TBR list 🙂

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