51iHVa9JvWL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_Desire knows no boundaries. Friends are not always who they appear. Some secrets are better left dead and buried . . .

Anna Westicon, a recent divorcée, plans to make a fresh start by renovating and selling an old Queen Anne to get back the life in which she’s accustomed. When Cheryl is too busy with her own life to provide the moral support she craves, alcohol becomes Anna’s best friend while dealing with her newfound loneliness. But she’s not alone . . .

Marcus, the original owner, has been there all along. Anna is the first occupant that has been able to hear him. See him. Be touched by him. Intimately touched. And he’s not the only one lingering . . .

Hurled into a world of lies and betrayal, Anna struggles to learn the truth about not only the house’s past, but her own. Has a madman captured her heart? Is her own life at risk?

Notice: This book contains graphic erotic content. For adults 18+ years of age.

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“Romance, passion & betrayal artistically wrapped in a paranormal read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Eishinas

Divorce with Mark leaves Anna Westicon hurt, betrayed and lonely and relying on her only friend Cheryl too leaves Anna ditched until she finds love and passion with Marcus- the ghost while renovating an old abandoned mansion of 1896 ‘Queen Anne’.
Destiny is sure to make Cheryl reap what she had sown and Anna has to decide whether Marcus is worth her love and trust.
The steamy, hot seductive romance thrown in by author Debbie Moore makes the book a gripping read without letting lose the basic story line of a paranormal novel where ‘a ghost’ is artistically crafted into one of the most interesting and appealing character. The story gets entertaining by the turn of every page revealing the suspense about the characters and their existence.
This novel is very impressive due to its unusual style of narration which helps to envision the world of Anna and Cheryl. Author Debbie L. Moore does a great job of creating and twisting her novel in a unique way and leaving her readers surprised by the end of the tale.
‘Flip This Ghost’ is definitely romance, passion and betrayal artistically woven into a tale giving new definition to a paranormal read.
For those who think paranormal are always bone-chilling, this fast paced book is sure to serve as a change of mood and flavor. Highly recommended!!

About the Author

Debbie L. Moore swims in the world of finance by day and splashes in a pool of romance by night, and lives in Florida with her soul mate and their two daughters.

She writes erotic paranormal horror and mystery, which Debbie has branded – Sensual Supernatural Suspense. Angels, demons, ghosts, witches, vampires – no paranormal creatures are off limits (except zombies – she doesn’t understand the fascination.)

Debbie’s first book, “The Seduction of Faith”, is a fast-paced supernatural erotic romance with an endearing protagonist and an antagonist one loves to hate – or hates to love – reader’s choice.

Her second book, “Faith’s Intoxication”, takes thrilling erotic romance to the next level.

Both novels are part of the Pure Faith series, slotted for 6 books.

Moore’s latest release, “Flip This Ghost”, is a stand-alone book that explores love, loss, and the erotic possibilities when passion is rekindled by a spirit that can be heard – and felt. But is he dangerous? It is up to Anna to find out the truth behind the haunted house’s past, and the real reason behind her own divorce.

Debbie’s next project is the completion of the Pure Faith series, with a witchy series planned.

Her books can be found under the genres erotic horror, erotic mystery, erotic paranormal, and ghost suspense.

Follow Debbie on Twitter @Debbie_L_Moore or explore her website http://www.debbielmoore.com/

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