51U+nSpjOhL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Louise Moscow unwittingly becomes involved in an international crime ring. Investment banker Louise Moscow loves her new life and career in late 1980s Paris. With a high-profile dream job, plus fascinating friends and love interests in a glamorous city, things couldn’t be better. When she stumbles upon criminal activity at her company, the FBI and CIA force her to cooperate and bring down the murderous and brazen bankers in what turns out to be one of the greatest scandals of the twentieth century.

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“Entertaining international thriller”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Judy

The writing style is a new take on an old spy thriller genre, but with a fascinating historical element thrown in. It’s hard to explain but Ms. Evanoff manages to relate a fairly complicated little-known but significant late 1980’s bank scam and wraps it into an action and romance filled romp. It’s completely original and entertaining.

About the Author

Chicago native LORRAINE EVANOFF graduated from DePaul University with a degree in French. She lived in Paris France for seven years, first working as an English teacher and film translator (for subtitles), then in film production and distribution. She moved to the Silicon Valley, and after earning her credentials from the Institute of Management Accountants, she worked in finance during the dot.com era. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she works in film finance. Her first novel was inspired by and is loosely based on events that occurred when she was living in France.

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  1. Hi, Lorraine,

    I just ordered your book and look forward to reading it with eager anticipation. I read you’re having to promote it yourself.

    I had a thought. Would you be able to get help from the Macedonian community? I assume you or your husband is Macedonian.

    I knew a Chris Evanoff from my days at Ford Motor Co.

    The Ms I know seem to stick together via their church.

    Also, the family that owns the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings is Macedonian and they have done much to support the nationality locally. They also own the Little Caesars pizza chain.

    Hope you can use this thought. If you think I might be able to help further, please do not hesitate to call 734-261-9298.

    Best regards,

    Frank Giancola

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