Nyah’s father was a cop. He was gunned down and his murder was left unsolved. Three years later, Nyah watches helplessly as three people are slaughtered and barely escapes with her own life. Now the witnesses are being erased and sixteen-year-old Nyah is being hunted by corrupt cops, drug dealers and a ruthless sociopathic killer. Everything Nyah has ever loved has been taken from her. All she wants is someone to pay. Grady Fisk is an alcoholic whose marriage is steamrolling towards divorce and who owes $50, 000 to a drug dealer to keep his brother Reece alive. While dragging Reece out of yet another fine mess, three people are murdered, and Grady and Reece are the prime suspects. If saving his own ass wasn’t tough enough, Grady now has to protect Nyah from every murderer and psychopath in the city. Is it any wonder Grady drinks? Nyah wants vengeance. Nyah needs a hero. What she gets is Grady Fisk.
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This book is a MUST buy !”

Five Star Review on Amazon By JOSHAWA ELSNER

An amazing thrill ride from cover to cover ! A dark gritty novel filled with action and tongue in cheek humor . I loved this book !, it reminded me of the Sin city graphic novels but I enjoyed this so much more. Brilliantly written! Easily the best book I have read in my life !!! Highly recommended!

About the Author

JT Blundell was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario. He played football for the University of Manitoba and graduated with a BA in English. He was worked in bars, a prison and an ice cream shop. He now lives, writes and works in Winnipeg.

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