indexFollow in the footsteps of Suni, Maria, and Alex as they face dangers that threaten their very survival.
In The Reluctant Pharaoh, Prince Suni flees the royal palace when he is named the next pharaoh and hides out with farmer Hapu. When his father is assassinated Suni returns to save his mother and his country. With the help of his best friend Nefer Hepshet and Hapu he fights to take the crown away from Mereret, the evil First Great Wife. Suni finds he has allies in strange places.
The Little Street Kid tells the story of Maria in the slums of Baranquilla, Colombia. Maria and her friend Sophie are caught up in the kidnapping of a wealthy family. They are taken deep into the mountainous jungle, but when the rebels are attacked, Maria leads her new ‘family’ through the jaguar and snake-infested forest to safety. Little does Maria know that the jungle is not the only danger she should fear.

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