For Infinity and Beyond by Terri Ann Bechtold

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Book Description

Mothers love their daughters unconditionally and daughters love their mothers just the same.  They have an extraordinary, almost magical bond that flourishes and strengthens as life happens

          every second,

              of every minute,

                   of every hour

                         of every day.

Enjoy this remarkable story of a Mother’s enduring love for her daughters and their sincere gratitude for a rich life filled with amazing ordinary experiences and time spent together creating lifelong memories.

Discover how this boundless love and gratitude is passed to the next generation and For Infinity and Beyond.

May it inspire Mom’s and children everywhere,

                         to always remember and never forget

to be grateful for and embrace all life experiences and to say “I Love You” every morning and every night!

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About the Author

For Infinity and Beyond is the debut Children’s Book for author Terri Peel Bechtold.  Terri has lived in Florida since before the age of one and considers herself a Floridian.  A wife and mother of the daughters in For Infinity and Beyond,Terri always remembers and never forgets to be grateful for all the blessings that have bestowed upon her and her family.  Terri enjoys spending time with her family and taking walks on the beach which are her source of peace and creative inspiration.  Every morning and every night, she tells her beautiful, amazing daughters and equally amazing husband how much they are loved…..For Infinity and Beyond!   We hope both children and adults everywhere cherish our story of love and gratitude and make it part of their family traditions.

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