For the Man in White by Tyler Martin Sehnal

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Book Description:

Nothing quite captures a reader’s attention like a murder mystery. For the Man in White hopes to grab your own as a page-turning, thought-provoking and eye-brow raising series of events that begs the question: who killed the aging captain of a steamship cruise gone awry? Throughout this mysterious narrative, readers must piece together characters’ pasts to decide who they think was the cold-blooded culprit. A flash-fiction-esque novel, For the Man in White is eager to weave a colorful web of conflicting backstories that challenge reader’s thinking without compromising character development, a sense of humor, or the ability to leave a lasting impact on its unsuspecting audience.
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“Great development of characters.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Avid Reader

Wow! Great read. Each character is so well developed. I could visualize each scene. Amazing for so many life lessons from such a young author. When is the next book?

For the Man in White by Tyler Martin Sehnal Share
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