41W9A6eeymL._UX250_In this storyteller’s most powerful, and heart stopping novel yet, the scene is Geneva, South Lebanon, London, Bosnia, Egypt and Texas. The hunter is the passionate and resourceful James Pollack, an ex-Swiss banker who has an interest in science, the paranormal and women. His quarry is a young Italian girl, who has given up on her life and seeks his help to find herself at a Centre of Science in the heart of Europe. Between the hunter and the huntress, the plot is hatched between them. She is Alexei, an attractive Italian woman alone on her mission to the very heart of our Universe and beyond.

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“A finely written science fiction novel”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Brian

This is a great science fiction novel about multiple universes, the present day and the near future. Stuck in the middle of Lebanon in the middle of war, the main character, James Pollack, finds himself between universes. In this world he faces war, in the alternative universe he faces a landscape full of mutants in which he is one of the few remaining males of the human species.

About the Author

Andrew was born in Exeter, Devon, at the end of the last war. His father served in the Royal Navy seeing action in the Atlantic and with the Italian landings, which may be why some of his stories are about Italy and Italian girls!
Educated at a school in the Midlands of England, he follows another old school boy D.H. Lawrence, in his quest for the purpose of life? Having shown little interest at school, he was sent to a School of Navigation and then apprenticed to the ‘Port out – Starboard home’ Steam Company. He served on some very old cargo vessels and some yellow funnel dream boats during the 60’s and 70’s. Then becoming disillusioned and bored he went back to study for a new career in finance. His career in finance was to last nearly thirty years, working with British, American and Swiss Banks and finally with his own finance company in downtown Beirut.
His writing developed after he retired through visits to the CERN centre in Switzerland, which also forms a basis for some of his stories. To write his books, he has moved through places where he worked in the past, from London, Lebanon, to Geneva and the Caribbean. Towards the end of 2014 he studied online with the Resonance Project, Kilauea, which helped him with the science in the final book of the trilogy.

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