Forever Fit and Firm by Darvis Simms

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Book Description:

As a practicing physician for over 30 years, I have been absolutely amazed by the vigorous, energetic, and positive behavior of my senior patients who have adopted the type of lifestyle described in Darvis’ book. I spot them as they walk through the door! Personally, I have tried to follow the program with varying degrees of success. However, Darvis always has an encouraging positive attitude. I am old is not in his lexicon. Consequently, my muscle mass, endurance, golfing ability and physical work schedule have all improved greatly. I did not think I would gain so much muscle mass as I aged. Darvis has been the driving force behind these achievements. Adopting the weight and cardiac training and healthy diet which are described concisely, clearly, and encouragingly in his book can only enhance your years. You are never too young or too old to pick up this book and start working. You will thank yourself someday as you become Forever Fit and Firm. Morris A. Pollock, Md

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“Great book for a guy over 50 like me”

Five Star Review on AmazonĀ By Shop Teacher

Great book for a guy over 50 like me, trying to ease back into personal fitness. The book features three routines: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, including post-workout stretches. Each successive routine builds upon the previous one and includes some of the same exercises. Cardio and nutrition are also covered in detail. Finally, the author provides suggestions for developing a positive frame of mind to complement a healthy fit body. It’s obvious that Darvis Simms practices what he preaches; in fact he states that the advanced routine is the one he uses personally. All the demonstration illustrations are of Simms himself, and his buff physique is proof that his fitness regimen works. My only minor criticism of this book is that the publisher didn’t proofread the text more carefully. The same couple typos show up several times in the captions. However, this poses only a minor distraction for the reader and in no way detracts from the author’s concise instruction.

About the Author

I’m an ACE certified personal trainer and fitness author with over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. I’ve seen a lot of fads come and go, but three things remain constant in getting healthy and staying fit. A positive mental attitude, a healthy balanced diet, and a fitness program built on proper strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Practice these three things daily and you will discover that they lead to “The Fountain of Youth.”

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