Everly Rue has been on the run for centuries, attempting to flee the mandatory Blood Purge, an ancient ritual requirement of the Primordials. As one of the original thirteen vampires, she’s bound by the edict issued by the Council, but when her time arrived, Everly chose life over a continuous and painful death. She returns to the home she built in secret and assumes a job teaching Ancient History at Broadmoor College, hoping to stay one step ahead of the Rippers pursing her. But she didn’t count on meeting Finn Blackmore, the incredibly hot, and sexy, head of the Archaeology Department who she has a strange and inexplicable attraction toward. When the truth becomes known, Everly discovers she is in more danger than ever and Finn might be her only hope at survival.

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About the Author

Just an average American gal next door who writes dark erotica and digs the hell out of it…

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