Forgiving Nostalgia

by – Laura A Mullins (Author)

If people knew the truth, would they still love her?

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Book Description:

David and Emma Campbell were one of those enviable ideal couples. As children, they spend a summer together as best friends until Emma’s father was transferred far away. Years later, they reconnected in college, fell in love, and got married. After thirteen great years together, they felt they were ready to start a family. That was until devastating events forced them into chaos. When the worst part was over, David was left to question if he ever really knew her at all.

Emma was always running from her past. She thought she’d have a new start, but her secrets still found a way to haunt her. She always confronted the same question. If people knew the truth, would they still love her?

Desperate for a way to understand, David is forced to dig into the past. When he finds an encrypted journal, he begins to piece together the things that Emma hid from him and finds himself thrust into an unexpected mystery of a potential double homicide. But, will finding the truth set them both free or forever enslave them to the past.

Reviews for the Book

This is a phenomenal novel that flows like a pleasure read, weaving in drama and unexpected mystery into an exploration of the relationship complexities of mental health recovery addressed with humor and compassion. It contains positive and hopeful, but also realistic portrayals of what it is like to try to move forward in life after experiencing an unplanned and traumatic life-altering event; an occurrence that most of us will face in some form during the course of our life.
It is genuinely a book that is fun to read and hard to put down, inspiring reflection long past its pages.
Being familiar with some of the author's other works - including screenplays, essays, short stories and songs, this novel is a beautiful representation of Laura's gift of weaving together a captivating journey of a story that has both heart and depth alongside engaging dialogue between characters that authentically reflect interesting and imperfect, relatable humans. - Stacy V. Huffman

About the Author: Laura A Mullins

The love of storytelling started from a young age. When Laura was five years old, her father would ask her to tell him a story on the way to school. This began a lifelong passion for creating a tapestry of characters and emotions that are relatable and evocative.

With degrees in English and Anthropology, Laura combines her love for writing with an insatiable curiosity for human interaction.

Laura’s goal with every story is to provide an escape by taking the reader on a journey that leaves them feeling satisfied but also wanting more. The reader can expect complex characters, clever dialogue, relatable drama, and emotionally satisfying plots.

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