Forgiving Nostalgia

by – Laura A Mullins (Author)

David Campbell and his wife Emma were one of those enviable ideal couples. 

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Book Description:

David Campbell and his wife Emma were one of those enviable ideal couples. As children, they spent one summer as best friends until Emma’s father was transferred far away. Years later, they reconnected and fell in love. After thirteen great years together, he felt they were on solid ground and ready to start a family. That was until devastating events forced them both into chaos. David was left to question if he ever really knew her at all.

Emma was always running from her past. She thought she’d have a new start but even after resetting her brain the past still found a way to haunt her. It was always the same question. If they knew the truth, would they still love her?

David didn’t feel like he could move on without understanding. After discovering an encrypted journal, David starts to unwrap all the pieces that Emma hid from him and is dropped into an unexpected mystery of a potential double homicide. But will knowing the truth set them free or forever snare them in nostalgia’s web?

About the Author: Laura A Mullins

The love of storytelling started from a young age. When Laura was five years old, her father would ask her to tell him a story on the way to school. This began a lifelong passion for creating a tapestry of characters and emotions that are relatable and evocative.

With degrees in English and Anthropology, Laura combines her love for writing with an insatiable curiosity for human interaction.

Laura’s goal with every story is to provide an escape by taking the reader on a journey that leaves them feeling satisfied but also wanting more. The reader can expect complex characters, clever dialogue, relatable drama, and emotionally satisfying plots.