Terror in death’s prison and the revenge it spawns.

Norman Frederick Bartholomew believes the souls of his victims live on inside their bodies for at least four minutes beyond their physical death. It is his obsession with desecrating those special minutes that differentiates him from other serial killers. Twenty-six murders spread across six western states during the past ten years, and Norman is still flying under the radar—until the murder of his latest victim. The woman has a twin sister and, although over 1,800 miles away, she somehow knows. And now she’s coming for him.
Ryan Sanders, former consort to the rich and famous and current business partner in a mixed martial arts studio, is deluged with memories from her sister post mortem, and the basest of violations committed upon her. Seeking revenge, she begins her search for the killer, determined that nothing will stop her.
Sergeant Jack Kroner, a twenty-year police veteran and Ryan’s close friend and confidant, is just as determined to accompany and protect her. Secretly in love with the young woman, he is willing to sacrifice his career—and his life—if it becomes necessary.
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GREAT thriller… JC Laird is playing with the big boys now.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By lilrose

A deranged serial killer, a strong female lead, a tender hearted cop…these all lead you into a thriller that will be hard to put down.
This book is very well written, takes you on a roller coaster ride from love to hate, tenderness to rage to downright bottomless fear.
WATCH OUT Dean Koontz…you have a rival in the thriller market!

About the Author

Born and raised in Michigan, John C. Laird attended college in California before embarking on a thirty-year career in law enforcement. He is now semi-retired and living in North Fort Myers, Florida.

Mr. Laird is a published writer and author, winner of the “Silver Quill Society Best Short Fiction 2011”, the Storyteller Magazine’s “Writing on Walls” competition and two AuthorStand short story competitions. He was also awarded second place in the “Euple Riney Memorial Award”, and featured in the print edition of “Writing on Walls Anthology, 2012”. He is currently a group moderator in the international online writing community, BookRix.com.

A master story teller, his tales encompass numerous genres, ranging from spirituality to horror, from romance to violence and death. He leans towards the unexpected; the reader can never be sure where his stories are going–or how they’ll end. Buckle up, hunker down and get ready for a ride…

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