After a road trip vacation, an anonymous photographer returned home to find something incredible on their laptop. It seems that while they slept, the motel room itself somehow managed to access their computer and leave them a note. The room cataloged everything it witnessed in the previous weeks; tales of love, loss, redemption, and betrayal. Tales to which it must bear powerless witness; unable to react despite having the ability to feel.

What if walls really do see and hear everything that happens when we think we’re alone?

What would they say to us, if we could hear them?
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Writer (author/poet/blogger/journalist). Unapologetic user of the phrase “dog mom.” Traveler. Nature photographer. Cali-girl who grew up in Orange County when no one could find it on a map. Currently exiled to Phoenix, Arizona. Right handed, though ambidextrous when typing. Self-confessed tea addict. Twitter junkie. Crunchy peanut butter zealot. Lover of short sentences.

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