Do men ever forget the first girl they truly loved?

Brian Anderson can’t get past the anger corroding him inside. Finding out the woman he believed would soon be his wife was having an affair with a family friend, a man he looked up to like a father, left him broken and bitter. With little to no faith in women and relationships, the handsome and enigmatic English architect is now determined to swear off love or any serious entanglements.

At least, that’s the plan.

Enter Olivia, the one who got away ten years before, and he soon learns fate has plans of its own. Their unexpected re-encounter will trigger old feelings and send his life into a tailspin. Looking into his own vulnerabilities will be just the beginning. Facing the uphill battle to find a way to her heart, which has been broken too many times, is the challenge that follows…

Through the eyes of a man, a tale of love, fragile hopes and second chances…


“I just finished Free Falling…wow, just wow! I absolutely loved it. The twists and turns, myriad of emotions, phenomenal character development—real-life situations. It was hard to put it down. It’s like a movie where you can’t wait for the sequel! So glad to have been able to read this story.” Barbara

“Brian and Olivia are crazy….and crazy in love! Told from Brian’s point of view, which I loved, you see this couple fight, fall and figure out they are meant to be.” Mary

“Brian’s open honesty was what we all feel but never say out loud. It was refreshing and real and endearing.” Colleen

This story is extremely well written and the characters are so realistic that you can see your life or someone you know in each and every page. Lesa

~ Goodreads

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About the Author

Ana is a writer of romance and women’s fiction. After spending almost half of her life studying literature and writing about books, it wasn’t until recently she’d try her hand at crafting stories herself. It turns out she fell in love with it, and now she spends most of her free time thinking of plots and bringing characters to life.

Realistic settings and situations, characters with features and conflicts readers will relate to, and plots that keep you all warm and fuzzy inside and wondering what will happen next are some of the most significant traits of her books. Silent Signs is her debut novel. She’s currently working on her second project, Free Falling, a contemporary romance series written from a male POV.

By day, Ana is a professor of intercultural communication. She lives in sunny Southern Europe with her husband, her extraordinary twins, and two frisky rescue dogs.

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