Free to Burn – Katie Freeman Book 8

Were these crimes of opportunity, or were these couples targeted?
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Book Description:

Til death do us part comes sooner than they expect…

Katie Freeman and Michael Powell are called to the scene of the gruesome double murder of a newlywed couple – but not all is as it seems. The similarities between this scene and one from a month prior are too great to be ignored. And many questions linger. Aside from the horrific manner of death, what do these newlywed couples have in common? Were these crimes of opportunity, or were these couples targeted? As Katie and Michael dig to find answers to all their questions, they uncover ties to a long-since forgotten disappearance and a death strikingly comparable to their present-day murders. In the end, uncovering answers and capturing a killer might cost Katie more than she’s ready to sacrifice.

Katie and Michael are great together ;) and just when you think you have it figured out something very logical that you missed pops up. Julie Mellon just may be hailed as the next Agatha Christie!

-- hmh

Julie Mellon (Author)

Julie is a native of Central Kentucky. After receiving her degree in English, she chose a career in higher education finance. Fifteen years later, she decided to allow her inner creative genius loose and began writing. She has been an avid reader her entire life, with a special love for mysteries, so she thought it fitting to make her first novel one of suspense. Growing up as an Army brat, she has lived in several states and foreign countries. To this day, she enjoys traveling to new places and experiencing new cultures. When at home she is likely to be found enjoying a few extreme sports, such as: rock climbing, scuba diving, or whitewater rafting. Her willingness to enter into activities of mortal peril is balanced by her commitment to ensure the quality of life for animals through her service with various dog rescue organizations. She now lives in Middle Tennessee with her two dogs, Ginny and Luna.

Were these crimes of opportunity, or were these couples targeted?

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