Australian Doctor Casey Tyler has been looking for an escape from the memories of her past for a long time so when she takes a 3 month contract working for International Medical Assist the void that’s present in her soul is telling her that this is what she needs to fill it. Flying from one side of the world to another she is faced with a brutal war zone and an unexpected savior in more ways than one.
Nathanial King has seen his share of brutality and war during his 10 years service in the marines, so when a favor is called in by the CEO of IMA to protect a civilian medical team at an American base overseas he finds that his instinct to protect takes over his logic to turn it down, only he didn’t know that a head strong, mouthy Aussie doctor was going to give him more than he ever bargained for.
Only when a dangerous threat forces Nate to take Casey out of the game and back to his home in the USA he suddenly realizes that he not only has to protect her from the threat on her life but Casey Tyler needs to be protected from herself. As he gets deeper into her soul he unearths something more darker than he has ever seen before and now he fears he may need to protect himself from the need to own her body and soul.
A beautiful powerful story of pain, forgiveness and love.
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“Ticks all the boxes!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Veronica

“Freedom” is well written, the storyline had me hooked from the beginning and i found myself finishing it in no time. I am really looking forward to reading more about Casey and Nate in the next installment. What a fabulous beginning for a talented new writer.

About the Author

Author J.Grayland was born in the UK and came to Australia as a child after a few speed bumps in life that robbed her of any self confidence she had she fell into the world of books where she could escape into another world, be who she wanted to be and go where ever she wanted to.
Discovering that she loved to delve into the world of romance with a good Harlequin romance it was around the age of 14 that she also discovered her love of writing short stories. Continuing to write and collect journals full of romance stories and ideas for more, her collection grew and she continued to write into adulthood, marriage and children came and although she was encouraged by her husband to share her stories with others her self confidence and the fear of rejection was still stopping her and she was resigned that her work would be just for her eyes only.
Time moved on and she found a career in nursing, working with the elderly and palliative care she found her pathway in life and her once lack of confidence started to grow and strengthen until 5 years ago she lost not only a father but a best friend. Remembering something that her father always told her “Live everyday to its fullest because tomorrow you could get hit by a car and the last thought you may have is….. I should have eaten that last bit of chocolate cake”.
And with that thought always in the back of her mind J.Grayland decided that this was her time to take a chance and pursue her love of writing romance and always make sure to eat that last bit of chocolate cake….
Freedom will be the debut novel for Author J.Grayland.

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