Freeing Joshua by A.C.

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When Katie’s lifelong best friend Joshua finds himself facing twenty years in prison for charges of manslaughter, she enlists the help of his younger brother to help set him free, until an unlikely lead throws a wrench in their sleuthing, forcing Joshua to take matters into his own hands.
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“So very real of how it happens.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Jana Skibo

I liked the story about the struggle of trying to free an innocent person from the outside. And the odds seem insurmountable. The ending was unexpected. Written very well. Just a few bumps here and there technically, but not bad.

About the Author

A.C. likes to write suspenseful and thrilling novellas that take turns you wouldn’t suspect. So if you like a little mystery with a hint of crime, look no further! Make sure to also follow her on Twitter @ac_author to keep up with the day to day.

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