French Translation by Laure Valentin

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Laure Valentin: English to French Translation

About Laure Valentin

I graduated with degrees in English and Publishing. I began my career working for publishers and libraries, as a trainer, editor and member of the editorial board of a professional review.

Today, I am the French pen of many independent authors. I also translate novels and nonfiction books for publishers such as Amazon Crossing, Les Éditeurs Réunis or Gremese. I am French, but I have lived in Canada for a few years.

Good to know

Before I start working on your translation, I send you a precise estimate according to the number of words, we determine a deadline together and I make sure to always be available to answer all your questions. I charge you the translation service, but you remain the only copyrighter.

Your texts will not be transmitted and will remain strictly confidential, before and after I send you the French version. I will let you know regularly about the progress of my work.

No softwares or subcontracting! I meticulously and personally work on every single word.

To help you promote your books, I have established partnerships with bloggers and book-tubers. Blogs, social cataloging websites and social medias are the best gateway to your future fans…

Contact Laure Valentin

If you have questions about my translation services and my network of reviewers, or if you want a quote including the translation of an excerpt for free, please contact me using the following form. I will be glad to hear from you!

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