89014d_31f5f716bca14163a7e8982b35a20420In a world where society dictates ‘right’ from ‘wrong’, a young boy struggles with the pressure of living up to the expectations of others. Desperately seeking acceptance and finding only rejection, he is isolated and on the brink of despair. There seems to be no escape from the years of relentless school-ground bullying and victimization he suffers, which at times, is almost too much to bear. He feels as though his spirit has been crushed, but this young scared boy still harbors a burning desire to break free and be true to himself. Later in life, a tremendous loss would set him on another course, and a journey of true self-discovery. Armed with the knowledge of his past experiences, his eyes are opened to a wonderland of pleasures, and through determination and sacrifice, he leaves a life of secrecy and sexual defiance behind him. Discovering the world of drag, he becomes more of a man than he thought he would be, and more of a woman than he thought he ever could be. From Darkness to Diva is an empowering tale of overcoming fear and insecurity, with an uplifting message of triumph.

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About the Author

Skye High is one of Australia’s leading drag queen media personalities. If you add television presenter, ambassador and author to the list, you’ll soon discover there is nothing two dimensional about this wondrous diva.

Standing over seven feet tall (in high heels), with an infectiously friendly personality, means she is easily recognized and synonymous with leading brands and advertisements, both here in Australia and overseas.

With over 20 years experience within the media industry which incorporates print, television, radio, local and International charity events as well as large corporate promotions/events, Skye has every angle covered.

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