A very erotic tale about a woman who fell in love with sex at an early age and turned that love into a career as a high-end call girl. The stories are very hot and the stories include secret sex from my husband and a Las Vegas inside who picked me to become a high-end call girl at an early age and I had no idea that most of my sexual encounters were tests to see if I could become a call girl.

This loosely based autobiography is a story about I fell in love with sex as a teenage girl and I how I turned it into a career as a high-end call girl. The book not only includes several detailed erotic stories along the way, it also tells stories about secret sexual encounters I kept from my husband and my family. As if my life wasn’t complicated enough with all of that, the book tells the story about how I was hand picked to become a high end call girl by an insider and I had no idea. Most of the sexual encounters I detail in the book were set up by the insider as tests for me to see if could be a high-end call girl.

The stories are very erotic with very graphic and specific descriptions of the sexual encounters and the story along the way is incredibly fascinating.
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About the Author

If you have purchased my book, thank you very much, I appreciate it. If you haven’t yet, let me tell you about myself. I was moving up nicely in the corporate world and enjoying a wonderful life. But I kept a very large secret from everyone, I fell in love with sex at a very early age and had many adventures sexually along the way. Even after I got married, I had several affairs and sexual encounters outside of my marriage. As I continued to move up the corporate world, I got run over by a male dominated industry. Along the way, I had an opportunity change my career path, to become a high end call girl in Las Vegas.

I am no longer in the industry, but still continue to have as many encounters as possible. I live in Scottsdale, AZ where I play golf as much as I can.

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