From the Errors of Others by Rebecca M. Lyles

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Book Description:

“From the Errors of Others is a collection of crisp, witty, and slyly informative essays for grownups with a sense of humor. The subject is communication–good, bad, and patently bizarre. The author is Rebecca Lyles, an experienced editor but not a wrist-slapping schoolmarm. Neither giggly nor ponderous, she eagerly tells tales out of school. There are boneheads and blowhards in our midst, she says, but we don’t have to take them seriously. And we certainly don’t have to imitate them.

From the Errors of Others is a refreshing alternative to those heavy handbooks we never opened in school. It’s not only far more entertaining than those dreary tomes, in the end, perhaps surprisingly, it’s also much more enlightening. Imagine that: a smart book about writing and speaking effectively that people will actually enjoy reading.”
— Richard Nordquist, PhD. Grammar and Composition Expert

In this comprehensive collection, Lyles teaches how to:
keep a professional tone;
avoid awkward speech habits;
communicate clearly without being pretentious;
detect deception; and
use a writing comfort zone.
A seasoned editor and business manager offers concise essays that humorously explore communication stumbling blocks, reveal common errors, and provide time-tested advice on how to write and speak effectively.
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Love this book — it’s saved me many times already …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By stevendrose

Love this book — it’s saved me many times already in my profession. As an Art Director I’m always trying to be aware and critical of details. So much of our language today goes beyond the mechanics of the English language as we learned in school many years ago. Plays on words and situational phrases are now found everywhere. Often we find ourselves simply regurgitating what we’ve heard and we rely on others’ awareness of the phrase and our context to nod their head and understand. But mistakes can be soooooo embarrassing and completely negate everything you’re trying to say and convey.

This book is a handy reference to keep around right next to my computer and it’s been invaluable in saving my face and my bacon!

About the Author

Rebecca’s corporate career spanned 30 years, first as a technical writer and editor, and then as a manager, for several companies including AT&T, FileNet, and IBM. Now she works independently, as Text CPR, consulting with businesses to improve their communication and training products. When not writing song parodies for the local community theatre, she also gives workshops and lectures on writing for both businesses and writing organizations.

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