Full Circle

by – Gary Cockaday (Author)

A Love Story Of Sorts

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Book Description:

Sometimes it’s the little decisions that have the biggest impacts

James Taylor, only son of former gangster Sir Reggie Taylor, has enjoyed a very privileged life.

A life that starts to unravel after one very bad decision.

A decision that will cost lives.

Had James made better choices, five people might still be living their best lives.

Sarah might still be married to his father’s best friend.

Richard wouldn’t be laying in a hospital bed with no memory of how he got there, his wife a stranger to him.

Lucy wouldn’t have gone on the run after finding her mother dead, her hopes of a better life for them both dashed.

Can these converging, ruined, intertwined lives be turned around?

Full Circle

A love story of sorts

Sex Lies Murders

Reviews for the Book

Talk about the butterfly effect! This book, about how one chance meeting or one decision can change the course of several lives was full of so many twists and turns that I had trouble putting it down. And that shocker at the end (no spoilers) was definitely a surprise. I found myself caring about so many of the characters, needing to know how they would end up, that they would be okay...hopefully. What a fun read! - LA Goodman

About the Author: Gary Cockaday

Gary was born in Cromer, Norfolk, and for many years worked in finance. He started a sportswear company in 2008 that supplies many of the local sports teams in Norfolk, retiring 3 years ago giving the business to his sons.

In his spare time he took up writing and amateur dramatics, sometimes combining the two, and his short play Somebody’s Daughter won best original script at NODA East some 20 years ago.

His debut book Full Circle has been a work in progress for 25 years, gathering dust until 2020, but is now complete and published by Hobart Books.

He lives in Dereham with his wife, sharing five children between them, and when not writing is to be found playing walking football. He played for Norwich City FC WF for four seasons, the team he has supported his entire life. At the age of 61 he represented IWFF England in the sport’s first World Cup, later winning a second cap for England in their victory against the world champions, Wales.

The first draft of the sequel took ten weeks… the rewrites continue.

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