Future School: Walk Like Lions by Eric Patterson

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Book Description:

Receiving a full-ride scholarship to the most prestigious school in the nation is supposed to be a good thing, right? Not to twelve-year-old Bridgette Swanson. It was definitely something she didn’t want or expect, but she couldn’t pass up the chance of a lifetime for her and her family.

The Las Vegas School of Excellence claimed to have found the key to unlocking the power of the mind. And that was true …… for a few select students. For others, the school tried its best to bury the results of the detrimental side effects of its experimental “brain enhancing” drug.

What is the school really trying to accomplish? Join Bridgette, George, and Janice as they courageously attempt to uncover the truth, walking like lions.

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“Move over Katniss, Bridgette walks like a lion!”

Five Star Review on Amazon 

I can’t stop thinking about this clever, exciting, and refreshingly different book, Future School: Walking with Lions by Eric Patterson. The setting has some similarities to fiercely competitive, dystopian, teen stories like Hunger Games. The main character, Bridgette, is compassionate and sharp like Katniss, but instead of being forced into killing decisions, Bridgette’s choices are aimed at bringing compassion and life back to victims of all sorts: broken friends with issues, frenemies, and even the most evil enemies. Her tact and transparency help get through to defensive and insecure bullies. Shockingly, she has compassion and politeness even towards misguided parents and teachers – not something you see in teen stories.
Each fast paced chapter has its surprises and leaves you curious for more. Dark, jaw dropping discoveries are met with even more unique remedies in their adventuresome quest.
Bridgette and her closest friends, George and Janice, have such enjoyable interactions together that it made me really laugh out loud. There were plenty of gripping, scary parts that required the courage of “lions” just to turn the page. And I have to admit, there were parts where my eyes were watery and tearful – in a good, manly way of course.
The author’s clever unveiling of clues and relationships always kept me guessing. It was hard to put down, hard not to talk about it, and hard not to buy copies for friends.

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