A great action and adventure (illustrated) story for middle grade boys and girls who love gaming, especially Minecraft.
Ryan James is crazy about computer games and obsessed with Minecraft. Sometimes he really wishes he could live in a world like Minecraft instead of with his boring family who do boring things like ALL THE TIME!
In a moment of anger over his family’s boring holiday plans, Ryan wishes a little bit too hard that he could be a zombie in Minecraft, and the consequences are not quite what he was hoping for, and a little bit too scary.
Will his wish of becoming a Minecraft zombie come true, or does it all go a little crazy, and will he even get to spend Christmas day with his own family after so desperately not wanting to?

Enthralling, hilarious, and unpredictable, the Game on Boys series is designed to appeal to the heart of any boy or girl. Read it aloud to your son or daughter and they won’t want to put the book down; a great inspiration to continue to build reading confidence on their own!

The Game on Boys books can be read in any order, and are equally loved by boys, girls and grown-ups as well.

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