GAMES OF THE GODS by Michael J Manley (M J Manley)

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Book Description

Games of the Gods, The Mythological Greek Ancient Gods, employ The Youth Video Gamers to fight The Diabolic and Sinister Zoombies, Deadly Spiritual Demons that have burst out of transport waves of the Earth’s Atmospheric Spheres to corrupt the minds of humans. The youthful Video Gamers use their incredible skills, controlling their Joy Stick to a Live War-time Video Battle with Gaming Applications. The Greek Gods, through their Portals on Earth, employ youth throughout the world to FIGHT and KILL their Enemies. Humans were given the ability by the Gods to expertly control the Video Games from implants into their DNA made untold ages ago from The Fox-47, which was placed in the Gene Cell Genome, knowing one day the Gods would return to save Mother Earth. The War of the Galaxy/Gamers begins. Games of the Gods is the second novel in the Gene Factor trilogy. When the implants in the Human Genome, the FOX-47 genetic cell factor that was placed into Man’s DNA awakens, the Gods return into their Portals on Earth to direct the youth who will fight through Video War Technology to kill the enemy. Following the first novel, The Gene Factor; this second book explores the ancient mystery – that Mankind was visited by Alien Gods millions of years ago – and those Gods implanted into the Genome of the DNA the skills to fight Deadly Forces that would be needed one day on Earth. That Day Has Arrived in the novel Games of the Gods. The prolific, mainstream fiction author M. J. Manley has written several novels. A retired behavioral psychologist, his timely writings come from personal experience and research of modern day mysteries.

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” It was an intense read and I liked it”

Five Star Review on Amazon

Reading the novel, Games of the Gods, make me feel that I was in a Movie Theater watching a 3D movie of Games of the Gods. It was a intense read and I liked the way I, as a reader, was actually placed in Greece, where the action all took place in the novel. Great Read!

About the Author

M J Manley is the Author of four novels: Parlay, The Emeritus, The Tides of Time and the most recent, The Gene Factor. Now, the fifth novel: Games of the God!

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