Games You Can Play

Next Generation Leadership Strategy in Sports
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Book Description:

Games You Can Play (GYCP) is the guidebook for next-generation leadershipin sports ‘4.0’ – the sector’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Sports is facing ‘perfect storm’ scenarios similar to every industry – problems, complexity and accelerated change. Here Professor of PracticeJohn Grisby integrates science with practical, real-world application, showing how you can better lead, strategise, manage, direct, train, organise, coach, develop, compete and win in sports ‘4.0’.

This is the only book you can buy that unifies every aspect of sports leadership – from socio-cultural to human scientific and competitive environments – into a holistic approach. Once adopted, the Games You Can Play strategy allows you to effectively lead sports organisations, teams, and individual athletes.

If you only ever buy one Leadership principles manual, this should be it.

****Audiobook available in Spring 2020****


Unique aspects about this book

GYCP is the core reading book for the Sports Leadership Project 4.0– a next-generation leadership capacity/capability CPD programme for sports industry professionals (accredited/certified).

Intended for ‘hands-on’ practice-based professionals;

  • Continual Professional Development
  • Post Graduate
  • Executive Development/Education
  • Practical guidebook designed to provide a strategic framework to design personal leadership development
  • Integrate scientific study, theory with real-world practice
  • Meet the needs of sport leadership practitioners in all global context and cultures
  • Stimulate thinking and demonstrate application with real case studies
  • Apply functionally to any sport

Having been in collegiate athletics at all levels for 27 years, I was very excited to receive an introductory taster to Games You Can Play by John Grisby. One of the major issues that we in the coaching world deal with every year is how to effectively develop leadership. What I read in the initial offering of John's book leaves me eager to read the full book! I really like the way it covers how to develop individual leaders within the team; strategies for how to better lead the team as a coach; and even, for me personally as a collegiate coach, "the games you can play" to help mold "kids today" into effective leaders. I'm looking forward to reading the whole book!!

-- Bill G

John W. Grisby (Author)

John is both a Professor of Practiceand Managing Partner at Grey Matter Global Ltd., a leadership strategy consultancy. He helps prepare/shift sports businesses and leaders from pre-digital age skills ‘3.0’ to digital age skills ‘4.0’. He is an expert integrating unified science and academic/theory with real-world application to solve difficult problems and achieve results. John has extensive experience in diverse global business/sport, economic, linguistic and sociocultural contexts. He has published business and sport leadership articles internationally, which include; Chartered Management Institute Insights, Global Professional Tennis Coaching Association (GPTCA), International Journal of Sport Science and Coaching (IJSCC) English Rugby Football Union Technical Coaching Journal (RFU), and the Journal of London Football Coaches’ Association (LFCA). John was a (USA) state-ranked athlete in three sports. Like most athletes in the USA, he was introduced to physical and mental performance approaches in early development. He learned/ developed methods like mental focus, mental toughness and the ‘Inner Game’. He later co-delivered a project with Myles Downey to establish the ‘Inner Game of Coaching’ in the world of professional sports coaching (football, rugby and tennis).

Next Generation Leadership Strategy in Sports

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