A Gangsta’s Demise (Volume 1) by Ja’Nai Ivory & Crusher

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Book Description

41ESaEOie1L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Siren Montago is being forced to venture through a life of coincidental anguish. At fifteen years old, the Chicago native was placed in a psychiatric ward for the mysterious murder of her father. Upon her release, some five years later, Siren is instantly engulfed in an array of situations that make her every move a near death experience. Her quick impulse to escape from the grips of some very serious street thugs seems to only be leading her farther in the wrong direction. All of her decisions force her out of the windy city of Chicago, down to the bright Sunshine State of Florida. She leaves no trace to trail when eluding her troubles, but coincidence, or maybe the karma from her past, lands her in the calloused palms of a true Chicago heavyweight. Her past remains locked behind her piercing green eyes, and she’s created a beautiful illusion to the man she knows nothing about. He, on the other hand, holds a very distinct past in the cold streets back in Chicago, but has distanced who he was then from the gentleman of distinguished nature he’s created. Yet, both of their eyes are the windows of the untold. In life, we know that a woman’s touch, a woman’s kiss, a woman’s desire, and a woman’s beauty will entice, invite, and be the reason for a man’s relapse to old methods, a changed man’sreversion to the drug world, which will undoubtedly be the root of “A Gangsta’s Demise.” Will Siren Montago’s beauty be enough to keep her skeletons from bursting out of the closet? Or will the man she’s falling in love with find her past too unforgivable and too close to him for his own past to accept? This is a tale of secrets, enough secrets to turn love into an ocean of rage.

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“very tasteful and well pleased”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Antonio Murray

I find the book very interesting, special, and I am well pleased by the tale foretold being organized from paragraph to paragraph, text, and chapter. It is a success written by any means would be a great idea to film this infamous illustrious story.

About the Author

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