GARDEN OF POETRY is a collection of original poetry and photography that was gathered over the years. It is written simply but powerfully and will clearly take you on a nostalgic journey of your own as you recall many similar situations. The poet brings to life feelings of love, loss, empathy, and appreciation for the wonders of nature and of life. It is a lesson in meditation and gratitude. The perfect book to linger on, when life needs a pick-me-up, a smile or a boost of encouragement. Look no further for that one special gift sure to be long remembered and appreciated.
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“A goldmine of poetry”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Brad W.

This is an amazing creative and positively lovely work of poetry. A goldmine of simple yet elusive wisdom – each page brings to me a nugget of insight, understanding, and empathy by flowing words and gorgeous photography. The author weaves complex human emotions and experiences into a beautiful tapestry. I read from cover to cover… couldn’t put it down.


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