Gardening Tips and bits by Christine Thornley

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31-AF7zXfWL._UX250__2Gardening Tips and bits. A collection of helpful tips, old garden folklore and oddities collected by Christine from newspapers, gardening magazines, radio and TV programmes  over  a number of years. Fascinated by some and incredulous of others, she wrote them on anything to hand as she thought they were too good to just forget. Combined in the 48pp booklet are two of Christine’s passions, gardening and flower pressing. Limited by the onset of Parkinsons disease, and unable to continue with her larger flower pictures, Christine still enjoys collecting and pressing flowers and creating bookmarks. A small chapter contains some of her designs and a brief introduction to this enjoyable pastime, all of which make a light anytime read.
Colour photo’s and illustrations throughout, and printed on quality stock. Ideal for gardeners of all ages. Ideal as an any occasion gift.
£2.99 plus 0.90p postage

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About the Author

Originally from New Zealand, I now reside in UK. Love acrylics and paint whatever interests me in the moment.