Geneticus-Zero-Cover-8-PG13Jay Levant’s mother committed suicide when he was nine, leaving him all alone in a Homeland orphanage. Now at twenty-four years old and those painful memories behind him, he believes things are finally going his way. The perfect life he envisioned is within his grasp. He is in his final year at Homeland University with a prestigious Homeland Military R&D job in his future. He plans to marry the love of his life, Elle, a beautiful girl from a very wealthy and influential family.
Then, Jay has an unusual encounter with an eccentric Homeland University Artificial Intelligence Instructor named Harold Bouri, a former anti-government hacktivist. It would seem everything Jay knew about the oppressive Homeland government’s creation was a lie and his teacher was somehow involved. What did Harold, Harold’s deceased wife, and a mysterious artificial intelligence machine have to do with the oppressive world Jay lives in now and what does this past have to do with his future? Can Jay piece it all together before it is too late? Political intrigue, science, romance, pure escapism, and big twists, Geneticus Book Zero is a mature sci-fi adventure that asks, “What does it mean to be human?”

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About the Author

C A Malosh and his trusty left brain sidekick work together in his role as a wireless system performance engineer. What does the right side of his brain do the rest of the time? Drive him crazy conjuring up all manner of things creative. Writing, music, or art. It doesn’t matter to his grey matter. Balancing this cognitive combat between his two hemispheres, Charles attempts to be a good father, husband, and son. Tracy, his wife, their three human children, one pug, one angranese (angry Pekingese), and one odd cat, all live together on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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