Pre-sync Earth is no more. All that remains now is a barren planet devoid of its atmosphere. The oceans that once covered the majority of the surface have boiled away into space. Shielded from solar radiation, the remaining few humans survive under the protection of the Citadel barrier.

Alexia did not ask to be a test subject for the Controller Program. Brought up to the surface from an early age alongside dozens of other orphans, she underwent extensive cerebral cortex modifications that would allow oversight of the barrier via direct encephalon connections.

Only a few test subjects survived the Program and those who did became bound to the host-Controller symbiosis.

Driven to apparent insanity by the Program, a childhood friend of Alexia’s has used the technology that once saved humanity from extinction against them. In the aftermath of genocide, the Program is in lockdown and she faces suspicions of aiding the rogue.

Determined to clear her name and understand her former mentor’s madness, Alexia follows the trail left behind by the rogue unaware that along the way she will learn the secrets of the Program, the true circumstances surrounding the catastrophe that 246 years ago ended the world and rediscover the past she thought she had moved on from.
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About the Author

Ignacio Salome is a Systems Administrator for a major film distribution company in the Los Angeles area and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Technology from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

His first short stories came to life in middle school as he taught himself the layout of the QWERTY keyboard on his mom’s old mechanical typewriter so it would be easier to code programming assignments. Then later on, he used writing as a learning tool to practice the grammar of his second language (English).

Along the way, he developed a passion for Science Fiction and devoured stories in this genre from a variety of sources. Movies, anime, manga, comics, videogames, etc. It wasn’t until later in life that he discovered a number of great SF classic novels. It was then he decided he would write his own.

Four years later and after attending fiction writing workshops and genre-deconstruction college classes, he has published his debut novel, Gestalt Prime. He hopes you’ll have as much fun reading as he had writing it.

Ignacio rents an apartment in Gardena, California, just a few minutes away from Manhattan Beach. Interestingly enough, he rarely goes there.

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