Get Picked by Aurora Gregory

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Book Description:

Just about everyone is an expert in something. Get Picked will show you how to take what you know and pitch yourself as a conference or workshop presenter. Getting in front of an audience that is eager to learn from you is the ideal way to raise your profile as a thought-leader, grow your career, build your business, move your message or simply feel good about helping others. Executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, educators, artisans, ministry leaders – anyone can showcase their expertise with a conference audience.

But before that can happen, you have to get picked to speak. And that means your speaker proposal has to be irresistible, so it stands out from the crowd. Get Picked will teach you what you need to know to create a proposal that will make your presentation a must-include session at the conference of your choice. You’ll learn valuable tips and tricks to take your speaker proposal to the next level and knock the socks off the selection committee.

Put your best foot forward and Get Picked!
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Worth many times the price”

Five Star Review on Amazon By M. Loomis

Personally, I’d like to do more public speaking, so I was very interested in this book. I found the book to have just the right mix of practical “how to’s” and challenging insights to curate my personal brand.
Not only does the book break down the steps to break into the speaking world, the authors’ tips on crafting a great presentation are worth the price of the book!

About the Author

Aurora Gregory

As an eighth grader, Aurora was a finalist in a speech contest. She didn’t win, but that just might have been the start of her career as a communicator. Some of the biggest brands in business have worked with her to get their message right, create communications programs that connect with target audiences, and set marketing strategies—all achieving stellar results. Aurora’s gotten high marks as a communications trainer, helping people develop skills to deliver their most important messages to customers, media, and presentation audiences. She has years of experience in leading speaker’s bureau programs that have placed hundreds of speakers at local, national, and international conferences. When she’s not talking, you’ll likely find her hiking the foothills in her hometown or on the sofa watching classic movies.

David Pitlik

David is an expert storyteller and seasoned writer who has mastered the fine art of marketing, communications and public relations… all modesty aside. In working for a wide range of global Fortune 500 companies – and lots of smaller, less global ones too – he has earned a stellar reputation for his uncanny ability to transform industry and technical jargon into engaging, comprehensible language and infusing content with compelling stories for maximum impact. He has 10+ years’ experience creating speaker proposals and helping hundreds of experts claim speaking spots at regional, national and international conferences and events. Putting words in the mouths of his clients comes easily to David, having spent 17 years as a network television comedy writer. When he’s not busy making his clients look really good through standout ghost writing, he earns the occasional honor for himself, such as the Los Angeles PRism Award for excellence in writing and communications, and PCLA PRo Award for best writing for an in-house corporate newsletter.

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Get Picked by Aurora Gregory

Author has recently published the book ▸Get Picked by Aurora Gregory. This book is avaiable on leading bookstores, get your copy now and help the author by writing a review of the book.

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