Are You Stuck?

Do you have a feeling that you and your life could be so much more? Do you know you want a change in your life, but you do not know how or where to start? Do you need inspiration, insightful advice, and a proven set of actionable tools? This practical and inspiring book will help you with that!

When one loses a clear direction in life, it’s easy to get stuck. The reasons why we get stuck will differ, but the answers we seek to become unstuck are universal. We, Nina and Terry, walked the Camino de Santiago, the 500-mile trail in northern Spain where people from all over the world walk, experience, and connect as they follow the yellow arrows. These arrows point out the clear directions on one’s journey. In this book we share our own stories as well as stories from people all over the world about how we all managed to transition from a frozen situation into a new fulfilled life. We have gathered the wisdom into 10 powerful and actionable tools that will help you find your own yellow arrows and get moving in the right direction.

Reading this book, you will get:

What is stopping you from living the life you want to live? All you need to do is to say yes to the 10 Tools of Wisdom! By following the life lessons and wisdom gathered into them, you will be able to clearly assess your situation and take action for a life with more love, energy, and growth!
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“Honest, Clear, Insightful – and enormously helpful.”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Gloria Fullerton

The title presents a simple, clearly scoped goal — to get unstuck. No frills there, no grandiose claims, just a simple goal.But what an important one!.

We have all had times when we’ve been stuck: times when we stop growing, when we overlook the possibilities in front of us, times when we settle for mere existence, whether it be because of grief, fear, guilt, or self-doubt — those are times when a little help and a handy set of tools could make a world of difference.

And it is this book’s practical approach that is the key to its enormous value. The authors put forward their approach with humility, honesty, clarity and grace. They describe how one may become stuck, they present various tools for getting unstuck, and they offer suggestions and examples as to their use.

There are plenty of self-help books claiming to have found the secret to well-being and transformation. Often, such books implicitly require the reader to reject or vastly alter their way of life. They all too often resemble fad diets: useless at best, dangerous at worst.

Get Unstuck, on the other hand, makes no such claims but rather offers an opportunity to take stock and take action.Using the metaphor of trail markers, it lays out helpful methods for me to get on the path. It stresses the fact that I, the pilgrim in life’s
journey, can be the final judge as to which corrections are right for me.

Get Unstuck is an incredibly useful tool I know I shall rely on it whenever I get stuck.

About the Author

Terry Belmont

Terry Belmont was born and lives in California, USA. Terry has over 30 years of experience in leading medical centers and healthcare entities. Since 2016, Terry has held the Chairman of the Board position at CBMG as well as other board and strategic advisory roles. Terry has a bachelor in business from University of Redlands and a master in healthcare management from University of California, Berkeley. Besides his passion for healthcare, Terry loves varied outdoor activities, world travel, music, and being with friends.

Nina Engstrand

Nina Engstrand was born in Finland and has lived in Stockholm, Sweden since 1995.
Nina started her career as a language teacher and then moved to service sales, education, and partner management positions in the global IT industry. In 2017, she started her own coaching practice and co-developed an app for personal growth. Nina holds a master of science degree from Åbo Akademi, Finland, and an executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. Nina loves outdoor life, reading, writing, personal development, cafes, and travelling.

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