A short story about the triumphs and horrors of war. In the constant struggle across the front lines throughout Operation Downfall.

As the war rages in the Pacific, United States president, Harry Truman, has sent out an order to his military to put Japan under siege. Since the Japanese Imperial Army has become increasingly more aggressive despite its deteriorating numbers, the US military now is more determined to make them surrender.

After the declaration of the massive invasion of Japan, the United States Navy, Marine, and Army Air Corps join forces to attack the enemy and take control of Japan. Because of the US military’s reinforcements and strategic air raids, the enemy forces are eventually coerced to surrender especially when Tokyo falls to the American soldiers’ control.

Join the ranks of Fox Company, 1st Marine Division during the first waves of the largest amphibious invasion in the history of mechanized warfare. Acquiring a completely different view on the events that shaped our 20th Century and a look into the allies plan for the final invasion of the second world war.

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Great synopsis

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Rob Gomez, a native of Paterson New Jersey and an aviation student and dedicated member of my local STEM Student Union. I am enliven to deliver my dreams to possibilities. My passions are enjoying life through building relationships, flying, writing, and keeping up with today’s technology.

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