f5b93a9db998401b5cbbd6cf7c623e6f3c12d711-thumbWeeks after the end of the Civil War, Joel Macready attempts to right the wrongs of his life. When evil characters from his past interfere, the lives of innocents are put in danger. Including the most innocent of them all his estranged son. The reason: A half a million in Confederate gold hidden in dangerous Apache Territory.
Determined to right the wrongs of his past, Joel Macready betrays his comrades in arms and flees to Arizona. He abandoned his wife and son Joe to live his wild ways. Joel plans to give Joe half a million in Confederate gold stolen during the Civil War.
It does not take long for him to realize that his comrades are on his trail. Joel meets a cavalier named Will Tanner in Arizona and gives him the map. Will who is an honest man takes the map to Joel’s son.
A turn of events causes Will to join forces with young Joe Macready to find the gold. There is just one catch. The gold is buried in hostile Apache Territory.

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About the Author

A California native, Tom Hyland, grew up under the spell of Pulp fiction writers and Turner Classic Movies. Always fascinated by the power of a good story, he took to writing at an early age. It was a hobby for a number of years before deciding to pursue it as a career. His stories range from westerns, horror and mystery thrillers. If you would like a glimpse of this exciting first chapter of his debut novel, “Gift of the Apache” log onto his blog at thyland.wordpress.com.

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