The wonderful life I’ve lived from May 7, 1953 living in Hillsborough, NC. Small towns have a way of giving us values. Even though we were segregated, life was peaceful. I remember seeing this pattern. Each time she’d enter a church, who ever was on the piano would get up except for one guy, Ebert Brooks as he could play too. As she’d sit down to play, it really intrigued me and I ask her at age 10 to teach me. She gave me an acoustic guitar at age 12. Then, she taught me to play the organ two years later. I was given Shirley Caesar’s “i’LL GO” LP and told I’d work for her by my Mom. This happened 3 yrs later as she was guest speaker at my church and hired me that night. This began the wonderful journey I yet enjoy. Even though I’m showcasing “smooth jazz”, my roots are in christian music which are very close to jazz. Songwriting and producing is such a joy as I help other groups as well as my very own material. Thanks to Willie Hill, I’ve a pre-production studio which allows me never to lose a song ever again. I’m enjoying one niters and even plays as I’ve done “The Wiz” and “Three Little Birds” plays. Music is just simply awesome and I’m enjoying life.

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