Girl Soldier by T.R. Horne

5150O7MC79L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Rain Wilson thought she knew where she came from. A small farming town, forgotten and missed by everyone. After learning that her estranged mother is missing, she realizes there is a lot she doesn’t know about the man who has raised her. She’s waited for her mother for ten years. Now eighteen and full of curiosity, she embarks on a harrowing journey to find her mother. She uncovers a trail of lies, deceit and quite possibly a plot too scary to fight against. How far will she really go to save her mother?

Girl Soldier is for readers who enjoy books such as The Bourne Identity meets James Patterson-style of novels, then you will love this action-packed, heartfelt suspense novel masterfully created by T.R. Horne.

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“A badass girl goes to Russia”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Simón Gómez

Girl Soldier by T. R. Horne is an action packed novel about family, commitment, and sense of duty. It revolves around the search for a CIA agent gone rogue and how a girl makes a decision that changes her life forever.

Rain grew up without a mother figure, as his mom abandoned her and her dad at a very early stage of her life, so she was raised only by her father, who used to be a spy for the CIA. Growing up like this is hard, as is raising a child as a lone man, but Tolley, Rain’s father, did everything in his hands to make her a strong woman who could fend by herself in life, resulting in Rain becoming quite an unusual girl with survival and combat skills like a military trained agent at a young age.

One day, Tolley receives a call to help from the Agency, informing him that her ex-wife has been working with them in Russia as a special agent, but something happened and she turned herself against them so they need his help to find her and find out what is going on. He refuses, but there is one more person that wants to find the woman. Rain ends up going to Russia in a mission to find her mother and finally settle things.

T. R. Horne shows mastery in storytelling. The action scenes especially are a blast to read, going deep into detail but very easy to follow. The whole book is really engaging and you will never get bored, and the protagonist is super likeable, you will find yourself rooting very hard for her through the whole story.

Recommended read, I enjoyed it very much!

About the Author

T.R. Horne is an avid reader, reviewer and all around critic of things written and non-written (just ask her husband…). She writes suspense novels for the most part but flirts with her first love, Poetry, from time to time. Between studying for her doctorate and dreaming of retiring early and moving into a tiny house, she carries on with a pretty lackluster life filled with a 9-5 job, sore feet and a perpetual smile. She resides in Virginia but calls Atlanta, Georgia home when people ask. Thank her husband, son and two dogs for keeping her mildly sane and writing.

Available Books:
Breaking Mobius (2013) – Finalist in National Indie Excellence Awards, Finalist in Next Generation Indie Awards

Girl Soldier (2016) – New release! Available in Print, eBook and Audiobook. Contact publisher, Yoshima Books, for current discounts and specials.

Upcoming Books:
The Unmasked Nation: The Upper Guild (2017) – Book One in dystopian trilogy
The Unmasked Nation: Schizm Division (2018) – Book Two in dystopian trilogy
The Unmasked Nation: Junta (2019) – Book Three in dystopian trilogy

Bottomless (2016) – Poetry on dating, relationships and other juicy randomness

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