Giving Candy To Strangers

by – Stan Holden (Author)

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Book Description:

Too many sales people are focused on the end result, the outcome―the close―and another notch on their gun! But, what if you approached “sales” from a heart-centered standpoint, with curiosity and playfulness, as though the world were your sandbox? What if you created relationships for no other reason than to help others and make new friends? I know what you are saying, “How can it not be about results when it comes to business?” The bottom line is important, but if you detach from this burden while you are creating relationships, you will find that the health of your bottomline will improve on its own!

Reviews for the Book

Stan became a fast friend a few years ago. I found his energy, humor and honesty refreshing. He was already applying and perfecting the message you will be learning in “Giving Candy To Strangers.” This is a must read for anyone wanting to expand their business (and personal) relationships.
(Kevin Sorbo TV & film actor, & business owner)
I love Stan’s heart-centered approach to sales. He approaches the world of business exactly the way we do at Chicken Soup for the Soul―building relationships, making new friends, and selling products that help people. It’s a strategy that works … and lets you sleep well every night!
(Amy Newmark publisher, “Chicken Soup For The Soul)
I met Stan more than 5 years ago and we have been friends ever since. I liked his leadership and way of doing business. I knew right away he would be a great quarterback for any team ... now he is sharing his knowledge here ... read it!
(Ron Brown Olympic Gold Medalist, NFL star & entrepreneur)

About the Author: Stan Holden

Stan Holden is an award winning art director and has created work for many Fortune 100 companies. As a protégé, he was first published in a national magazine during the 5th grade. A graduate of California University Long Beach, his screenplay, Rebel Without A Claus, has received a “recommend” by Disney and optioned for filming. Stan is an ongoing contributor to Chicken Soup For The Soul.

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