Claim Your True Power as a Woman by Redetermining Your Value

Women have a certain sexual power that they are overlooking. It is now time for women to recognize the part they play in our sexual culture and understand why they feel unloved when they have been giving so much. This book’s intent is to empower women individually by offering a new viewpoint with which to see differently, think differently and value themselves more than ever before.

In her landmark book, Giving It Away, Amelie Peyton Cash reveals the power that every woman—single or married—already possesses. Based on her rich life filled with interesting men and several years of experience as a swinger and a courtesan, Amelie reveals:

Now, in this personal and intimate account, you’ll find insights that will help you determine your value and improve your self worth. Eliminate your belief in the culture of fairy tale endings, that has been handed down over the generations. Accept the truth that it is only women can change today’s sexual culture.

Experience dramatic change in your thinking and possess extreme confidence by learning what one strong woman experienced in her own life; and must share with you.
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About the Author

Courage – Telling Your Story with Your Whole Heart

Amelie Peyton Cash is very dynamic person who questions tradition and authority. Her unwillingness to follow the beaten track has led to an emotionally intense life. She aims to free herself of personal and social conditioning. Amelie is an adult woman, who has lived all of her years in a conservative midwest city.

Luckily. for us. she now puts down in writing everything that her imagination and intuition dictates. Her writing is based on her true life story including: childhood, marriage, children, divorce, loss, grief, pleasures of the flesh, sensual delights, sensuality, sexual assault, stalking, illness, heartbreak, lessons, answers and understanding.

Her story includes the many insights gained from her time spent as a high end courtesan. The taboo topic of love for sale, and her experience has provided amazing insight and wisdom that can encourage all women to open their minds, refrain from judgement and see through her eyes. What separates Amelie’s stories apart from other erotica, is her desire to make a positive difference in the lives of other women, through what she has learned.

She is unusual, rebellious and is the epitome of a revolutionary spirit. Amelie’s passion for romance is often channeled into her creative output. She is highly creative and generally driven to express that creativity,originally through art as a painter, and now in writing.

In writing about her true life experiences she is able to channel her high levels of intuition, inventiveness, and spiritedness into, not only, creative endeavors, but also important causes. Follow her journey from living a conventional to completely unconventional life.

All women living in today’s sexual culture of NSA dating, divorce and general discontent, can gain a fresh new insight to the ways that all women have silently and unknowingly condoned and supported this shared culture. Amelie suggests that it’s time for some changes, if we want to be truly happy as women. That culture shift, in her opinion, begins with determining your value. It’s time to ask yourself – What am I worth?

Amelie is spontaneous and charming in her direct and straightforward approach to love and life and finding true value as a woman in today’s culture of abundant sexuality and the search for love.

Using her enormous powers for intimacy and honesty, she tells her personal story with courage and infuses guidance and advice into each account of her experience. It is through the vast experience of her life; and writing about it, that she gained the answers to when and how her attitudes and fears originated. I hope you will allow her to share with you and perhaps open your mind to an entirely new way of thinking about love and your worth.

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Posted on April 14, 2017
About the Author
Amelie Peyton Cash

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